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About Us.

Mission Statement: At Charon Expat Services, we haven’t just got your back, we’ve got your front as well.


As you are reading this, there are millions of Americans who simply want to leave the United States. Charon Expat Services is your guide as well as your guardian angel while you are living abroad. What you will learn here, as you embark on this journey, is a structured program, which guarantees not failure but success.

Charon Expat Services is going to place you in Taiwan as an English teacher. After you submit your documents to us, our team finds you a position at a competitive salary as well as a comfortable place to live. While you are waiting, over the time it will take us to process your paperwork, we want you to understand the decision you have just undertaken and to develop a plan which ensures that you will get the most out of this experience.

Our target candidates are people who have a broad world view; who are young and adventurous; who love to travel and experience new cultures; who are intellectually curious, who are ready to pursue a life abroad. 

It is estimated that a legal and thorough placement procedure will take anywhere from a couple of weeks to one month. While your documents are being compiled and processed, we require you to take an online course in the language and culture of the place where you will be living.

Why Taiwan

taiwan skyline

a. Crime

As of January 2023, Taiwan has been ranked as the third-safest country in the world in 2023 by Under Numbeo's Safety Index, Taiwan came in third place with a score of 83.8, trailing only Qatar, which came in first with a score of 85.2, and second-place United Arab Emirates with a score of 84.9. Although crime has increased at a moderate over the past 3 years, the biggest crime that residents have to work about is bribery and corruption.  

b. Education

Taiwan is one of the top-performing OECD countries in reading literacy, mathematics and sciences with the average student scoring 523.7, compared with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development average of 493, placing it seventh in the world and has one of the world's most highly educated labor forces among OECD countries. Another report from states that, ‘unlike other countries where the student body of international schools consist of mostly expat children, Taiwan’s international school is largely composed of Taiwanese who also hold a foreign passport. However, in recent years the international schools in Taiwan have recently become more internationally diverse due, in part to the emergence of offshore wind farm industry and entrepreneurs who have discovered Taiwan as an affordable place to raise a family…’

c. Healthcare

By law, everyone in Taiwan must be enrolled in the national healthcare system. This includes foreign residents. It has features of both a public and a private system. This fact gives patrons incredible flexibility of choice over what doctors they see. Residents pay for healthcare based on income and need. This ensures a high quality of service at exceptionally low prices.
In 2019, Taiwan’s healthcare system came in first, among the 89 countries that were surveyed.   

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