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Exactly What You Need

Mission Statement

​We haven’t just got
your back, we’ve
your front as well.

Charon Expat Services’ mission is to foster and strengthen a sense of community across Asia.

One of the ways we do this by making resources and information more readily accessible. Having boots on the ground in this part of the world allows us to provide accurate and relevant data that can be applied to ever-changing situations. As part of our company’s mission, Charon connects our partner organizations with people who need their resources on a global scale. Our most relevant markets are Travel and Tourism, Education and Jobs. We also look at the best ways to enhance expat life. Our primary focus is on Asia. We are huge proponents of digital & borderless economies where companies, as well as individuals, interact seamlessly and internationally. Our greatest strengths are our years of experience and our extensive network of partners in the countries we serve. Allow us to make you feel at home, wherever your journey may take you.


Expat Orientation Package

The EOP gives you a plan for success.

This success will extend far beyond your expat experience.


Expat Orientation Workbook,  Language Course, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Future Authoring...etc

What will you get?

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Let's talk

Leaving home can be scary and confusing, unless you have a family to support you as you travel along on your journey. Please allow Charon Expat Services to be your family as well as your guiding light, as you make the transition to being an expat, living abroad. 

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